About Us

Equipment expertise combined with advanced disinfecting power

PureFog Canada Inc. was established in 2020 as a joint company from by two innovative Canadian corporations – Solutions H2Eau Inc., and KleenShield Solutions Inc. Our shared goal is to develop innovative solutions to help keep us safer and healthier. We aim to make the world more productive by providing disinfecting solutions that combine dry fogging technology with environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe hypochlorous acid disinfectants.

Our first product using hypochlorous acid is SkinSafe, an anti-bacterial cosmetic skin cleanser. We recently added OXWELL™, a disinfectant and sanitizing agent for personal, industrial and commercial use. We are also developing several other products.

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Solutions H2Eau Inc.

Solutions H2Eau serves industries all over Canada as a leading distributor of natural disinfectants and green cleaning technology.

The products we’ve created use natural sanitizing technology to generate a fog that disinfects surfaces and simultaneously eradicates all airborne pathogens and viruses, even in hard-to-reach places.

KleenShield Solutions Inc.

Well-designed, impeccably manufactured equipment is key to the effective distribution of disinfectant. KleenShield Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of eco-friendly, safe, and effective dry fogging equipment to companies across North America.

Our disinfecting solutions are designed to support human health, using the power of technology that’s both safe and environmentally responsible.

The Future of

PureFog Canada

Our next product is a game-changing hypochlorous acid dry fog disinfectant that is currently undergoing thorough testing at an accredited third-party laboratory in preparation for its certification by Health Canada.

Our new dry fogging application of hypochlorous acid will give Canadians the ability to safely and effectively disinfect the air and surfaces around them, removing harmful pathogens that can cause illness and disease.

Our Team

Dr. Sudhanshu (Sudh) Varma


Suzanne Cyr

Chief Executive Officer

Giacomo Damiani

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Robbins Parsons

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Lautru

Chief Technology Officer

Bernie Franzgrote

Chief Information Officer

Lalith Gunaratne

Chief Business Development Officer

Benoit Lautru

Chief Marketing Officer